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European Fan Day 2012 - Beta

A report on the beta of Guild Wars 2, made available the days of 2nd and 3rd of April 2012 in Brighton, Great Britain, where ArenaNet and NCSoft invited representatives of Guild Wars 2 fan sites from all around Europe.

Spis treści

Character creation and the beginning

Cooperation in PvE and PvP

Dungeons and Dragons

In Closing

In Closing


Sadly, the difficulty proved to be too much for us, and so when half our team lost their pants in battle, we retreated to a nearby village to repair and look for easier challenges. And time was short. Thanks to this experience I was also able to see how level scaling works in PvE. If a high level character walks into a low level location, their level decreases to the highest level allowed in that location. This means that despite having more abilities and more powerful items, the monsters there can still be challenging and even kill them if they don’t pay attention.

This is why players can revisit earlier areas and still take pleasure in participating in dynamic events or help out friends who have just started their adventure in GW2, all without creating a new character. This solution is quick and clean, and eliminates powerleveling almost entirely. It’s supported by a quite quick respawn of enemies, which means that even if a location is frequented by many players, you still shouldn’t have any trouble finding a challenge there.

Before I had to say goodbye to the world of Tyria I managed to take a quick look at abilities available to other classes and I can confidently say that every profession has a very different mechanic and can quickly be adapted to any of the three roles (damage, support, control). This means that everyone should be able to find a class that they like to play and that picking just one might turn out to be quite difficult. Each character plays differently, but it is a very good experience every time.

Tom Stone, translation: Kisuro

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