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European Fan Day 2012

An account of what happened on the days of 2nd and 3rd of April 2012 in Brighton, Great Britain, where ArenaNet and NCSoft invited representatives of Guild Wars 2 fan sites from all around Europe.

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Day one

Day one cont.


Videoconference cont.

Day two

Day one

The EU Fan Day in Brighton ended yesterday. Despite wishing otherwise, I succumbed to the lure of the bed, putting off writing about everything I experienced until the next day. I hope you’ll excuse my not immediately sitting down in front of the computer right after getting of the plane, and I hope that what you’re about to read will make it up to you.

Luckily I didn’t spend too much time procrastinating on the Internet (which is what I usually do on the weekends). I went to sleep before midnight, because the alarm clock – a tyrant that knows no mercy – rang at 4 AM. If it weren’t for Em’s prodding and yelling at me that I’m going to miss the plane, this trip would have been over before it even began. No matter – I put my breakfast in the backpack, grabbed the luggage, called a taxi and 30 minutes later I was at the Balice Airport in Cracow. There are certain plusses of taking the first flight of the day – you don’t have to stand in line, because there is nobody there. So, a quick check-in, and with book in hand I awaited the boarding call. After a quick nap on the plane I landed… at Okecie Airport in Warsaw.

Thus concluded the first part of my journey, so I decided to contact the person I knew was suffering similar travel inconveniences – Killian. He was also invited to the meet as a representative of guildwars2.com.pl, and who I also know from the time spent in the same guild. I called him, found out he was still standing in the check-in queue and told him to look for a guy in the hat once he was done. It took some time for him to finally get through, but that gave me time to catch up on my reading. Our flight took off at 7:50. We talked a bit about the good old days, our hopes, expectations and what we think is going to happen. In the end, one of us nodded off and the other went back to reading.

I felt a bit of relief as we landed in Heathrow. I don’t really like airports and the entire check-everything-and-everyone mentality. Just as we started wondering about how we are going to recognize Mick, our driver, my phone rang. It was Bob, because apparently there had been a last minute driver change. We found him pretty quickly and we soon were on our way to another terminal to pick up Chris, who was arriving from Athens. Turns out that he didn’t have to wait very long, because all flights at Heathrow had a small delay that day.

The drive to Brighton was uneventful – aside from an accident on the other side of the road (the “wrong” side, which the British consider the “right” side). We counted ourselves lucky, because it was us who could be stuck in a traffic jam that was well over a kilometre long. An hour later it was all over – we were surrounded by green grass and small English houses. The city centre was a little less charming than the suburbs, but had seagulls in the sky and some interesting graffiti on the walls (some of which you can see in the pictures).

Upon arriving at the Jury’s Inn hotel we said goodbye to Rob and, after a small “your name is not on the list unless you can find it yourself, oh yes, there you are, it’s just that somebody swapped your first and last name” adventure we got our room keys. But how do you turn the elevator on? Ah yes, this must be what the cards they have just given us are for. The room was on the fifth floor, nice and cosy. After a few minutes, refreshed and ready for further adventures, we went back to the reception area to meet the rest of the guests.

There were 24 people invited in total – besides me and Killian there were 6 people from France, 5 from Germany, 4 from Spain, 4 from England, 2 from Benelux and 1 from Italy. Because I’m a spiteful beast, I won’t tell you anything about the mysterious red-headed beauty, you need to do some research yourselves :) We were greeted by Melanie Corolleur, the French NCSoft community manager, dressed in a sweatshirt with a GW2 logo on the back. If any of you had any hope left, let me squash it right now – we all signed an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), so we can’t publish any information the produces don’t want published. Sorry, boys and girls, no new screenshots this time.