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European Fan Day 2012

An account of what happened on the days of 2nd and 3rd of April 2012 in Brighton, Great Britain, where ArenaNet and NCSoft invited representatives of Guild Wars 2 fan sites from all around Europe.

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Day one

Day one cont.


Videoconference cont.

Day two

Day one - continuation

So, Melanie was busy with the paperwork, and the players started making use of their cameras. We were somewhat stunned by the equipment the Germans brought – it looked like they were getting ready to cover the final game of Euro 2012. We also started joking that we should take all the photos we want now, because the NDA would prohibit us from taking photos of anything else.

Once we were done with the paperwork, we moved on to the Lighthouse Gallery. Once there, we received a meal and were greeted by our hosts – Aidan Taylor (the NCSoft English community manager), Stephane Lo Presti (ArenaNet community manager) and and Mathew ‘Quizshow’ Moore (ArenaNet game quality assurance). Then all the attending people introduced themselves to everyone else. Aidan was visibly disappointed about the fact that nobody seemed to want to play a Norn, and later on he would do a lot to convince us to give them a try.

There was one more guest present, an unannounced one and one that caused quite a stir. It was Rytlock, or rather his figurine from the collectors edition of Guild Wars 2. His photo session put a dent in our timetable, but on the other hand it’s not every day you get to meet a celebrity of this magnitude. The statue is really great, and we were told it’s not yet finished. This was surprising, because it looks astonishing as it is. It’s not a small toy by any means. I hope the photos give justice to both its size and the quality of craftsmanship.

After the photo shoot we spoke a bit with the hosts. During that talk I managed to secure a small surprise, and I hope it will make both the contests currently available on our vortal even more worthwhile. Some of the books that are prizes in both the Facebook and literary contests have been signed by the ArenaNet and NCSoft staff. I wonder who the happy winner is going to be.

Once the greetings were done, we went down into the “dungeon”, to take part in a game session. We entered the “machine room”, which you’ve probably already seen in the pictures posted on the host’s twitter (and if not, take a look at my own photos now). Powerful Alienware machines, Logitech keyboards and mice and wireless headsets – truly inhumane conditions indeed, and I’d spend the next few hours there. My suffering was somewhat lessened by a small gift – a mouse pad (mine had a sylvari on it), a headband and a bag, all adorned with the GW2 logo, of course. After a short lore introduction by Stephane, to get us all into the mood, we were ready to turn on the computers.

We were ready, but we couldn’t. The power went down, because the grid was not prepared for such a big power requirement in this room. Aidan asked Quizshow to dance while he went on to the power room. Stephane figured that we might as well talk about Guild Wars 2 some more while the issue is being looked at, so he led us back upstairs. We ate another round of sandwiches and not 10 minutes later we were back down with the computers running. Sadly, Quizshow didn’t dance after all.

I’d really love to tell you about what happened over the course of the next few hours, but I’d regret it later. All I can say right now is that time passed really quickly and before we knew it, it was 6 PM and time for a video conference with ArenaNet staff. The game is really immersive, and Aidan’s words “Remember, you really should take a break from GW2 time to time” took on a new meaning.