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European Fan Day 2012

An account of what happened on the days of 2nd and 3rd of April 2012 in Brighton, Great Britain, where ArenaNet and NCSoft invited representatives of Guild Wars 2 fan sites from all around Europe.

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Day one

Day one cont.


Videoconference cont.

Day two

Q&A during ArenaNet videoconference - continuation

While on the topic of PvP, we asked more questions about it. We asked about the new Conquest maps, but didn’t get a lot new info. We know that one of them is going to feel nostalgic if you’ve played the original Guild Wars, and another one is going to feature underwater combat. The creators are hoping to promote GW2 as an e-sport, but this will probably only happen after the game goes live. It’s likely that there will be a mode similar to the current Observer mode, but it will not be available at launch, and the details are still being worked on.

Mellanie Colleur, Aidan Taylor i Stephane Lo Presti z Tomem i Killianem

The PvP-earned emotes will be gone. There is a possibility for additional animations for when you finish off a downed player. The well known social emotes, like /dance, will all be there.

The competitive PvP mechanics will not change. The main goal of all the maps will be intercepting control points, and each map will have different side goals. Completing them will either give a team and advantage when fighting opponents or will affect the scoring. Sometimes, completing side goals will give an advantage to the opponents (I’ve witnessed this myself, but shhhh…).

It’s unknown at this time what form PvP rankings will take. Guilds will not be taken into account, it’s the team the player is in that matters. Of course, player’s guild info will still be available in the ladder, but the ladder will be for teams, not guilds. Guilds will be able to hone their PvP skills in WvW.

The guild system itself is still being developed, will be further expanded after launch, and what we’re going to see in the game itself is still being tested. When the game goes live, guilds will have their own instance, influence points, a guild symbol, storage, and, of course, chat. Later on, we might get a guild calendar or an alliance system. There are no details yet, but we’re bound to see something exciting.

There will also be no penalties for changing the guild the player is representing. A character can belong to many at once, and at any time you can switch between them, which changes the tag, chat, and all the guild bonuses. The creators are hoping to create a system that supports groups of friends, who want to play together and use the guild as a way to gather in the same place.

If you’re a fan of lore and are interested in what happened in Tyria during the last 250 years, or are simply looking for bits of information about the game world you will need to keep a sharp lookout. Such info is available everywhere – during conversations with NPCs, in world locations or in your personal story….

This was a very intense conversation and I’m really hoping I remembered all there was to remember. Sadly, the time came to say goodbye to Regina, Eric and everyone else and make our way back to the hotel to rest for a bit. Our tight schedule didn’t allow for a long rest however. I only had the time to download the photos from my camera before I went back to the hall, where we all met up to take on the nightlife in Brighton.

The excursion concluded at Carluccio’s, where there was a table waiting for us and a selection of Italian cuisine. I was quite relieved, because I was afraid we were going to eat something typically British, and I’m not sure I would be able to survive that. The dinner and talking lasted almost until midnight, and I had a chance to chat with Aidan, not only about GW2, but also about such important topics as the Mass Effect 3 ending and The Walking Dead storyline.

When we left the restaurant about half of us were behaving (and probably feeling) somewhat similar to the aforementioned walking dead. I’m not sure where some of them got the strength for a midnight walk to the beach. Most of our group decided to give up on night time walks and retired, either to their hotel rooms or to the hotel bar. I’m not quite certain what time my brain finally decide to go into shutdown mode, dragging the rest of the body with it. I went to sleep.