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Signature Generator

Generator sygnatur

Signature Generator - our little initiative linked to the Guild Wars 2 universe.

With this tool you will have an opportunity to quickly and almost effortlessly show other users on your favorite message board not only your devotion to the Guild Wars game series but also brag about your in-game achievements and character data.

Generating a new signature is easy and the process takes less than 10 minutes... unless you wish to refine your masterpiece as if it were your avatar in the world of Tyria.

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How it works?

The generator is very simple to use — fill out the required data fields, choose your effects, and click „Generate” to create a string with a link to the image file. You can then copy and paste that string into your forum signature. That’s it!

If you’d like to get the most of the signature generator, read the short guide below.


We wanted to create a generator, which would appeal to as many users as possible, so we’ve prepared a number of distinctive signature styles. Each of these styles has their own background, text colour, and effect set.

Support us - if you enjoyed the generator and would like to receive announcements about its next versions (or other news from the Guild Wars universe), like our Facebook profile or Google+ account.

Example Signatures


After you’ve chosen your style, background image and avatar, you can customize your signature with effects, making it unique and truly yours. You can use as many as four effects at a time.

Important points to remember:

a) You can use any effect for a given style set in any available slot. You can even use two identical effects in two different slots. This creates some very interesting effects, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

b) b) The effects are layered in the following manner:



Backgrounds, avatars or badges (more on that later) are fixed and cannot be moved. You can, however, control the visibility of effects, if you know that Effect 1 is always placed on the bottom, and Effect 4 is always on top. This way you can ensure that any weapon image you choose will not be hidden under the snow, and your profession symbol will always be visible over that vine effect you wanted.


The badge is placed on the topmost layer of the entire image. Only one is allowed per signature. Badges are best used to signify your playing style or your position in the guild.


We have also prepared a contact form, so that our users can make suggestions and report bugs. This is the initial version of the generator, which is published before the launch of the game. We’re sure that after a few months with the signature generator many you will have interesting ideas on how to enhance the application, and we’d love to hear them from you.

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